Long time since.

Apologies all for a long break between updates, folks!

In the interim since the last update I put up here, I’ve produced and directed the filming of Downcast (feature-length crime drama), Never Do Harm (short thriller), and the Harvest concept trailer (zombie film upcoming next year). Been keeping busy, and mostly hanging around places elsewhere rather than Facebook and this site.

But that being said, a lot has happened and a lot hasn’t changed also. Still writing, still making movies. Still trying to be creative as I can be in all aspects of my life.

Will be updating things over the next couple of months, hopefully with more frequency. Stay tuned! Until then – check out my YouTube and the one for darkmoodyproductions

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THE RIDE HOME – now playing!


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Hey, a new update! WOO! :) Okay, so here’s the situation: DOWNCAST which is my first feature-length movie, is filming this summer. It’s a 2 hour crime drama with some very powerful emotions, a deep and character-heavy storyline, and some truly kick-ass action scenes! (at least, that’s what we’re shooting for!) Unlike Opportunity, which was a very quick, heavily symbolic piece about fighting against one’s self-destructive side; Downcast is going to be a story full of tragedy, emotion, and broken friendships. It’s a grim tribute to Asian revenge films, the 70s crime cinema generation, and the poetic agony of filmmakers like Takeshi Kitano and Jean-Pierre Melville.

You can check out its website HERE or you can help support the film right now by pledging to it on KICKSTARTER! :D I’m absolutely excited to be working on this film, it’s a passion project that has brought together elements of the last 14 years of my life and culminated in a project that is always changing, ever-expanding, and growing into something truly amazing. I’m happy to be doing this in Portland, as I don’t think anyone else out there’s got something like it in the pipeline.

But to get myself a bit primed I’m putting together a short film called The Ride Home which is a sci-fi thriller about a young man’s journey home taking an unexpected turn. This is based on a short story I wrote for my friend Eleanore’s birthday many years ago. Although the story was set in an indeterminate future city on a subway train, the film version will have a more real-world edge, making it similar to films like “The Warriors“. As the short is intended to be only 5 minutes long, I won’t spoil anymore details. But you can see a little test of how things are coming along in the special effects department below. :D

Thanks again for everyone who’s been supporting me in my work recently. There’s a lot of you out there, not sure if any of you will read this, but you are appreciated and you have my love. Take care, my friends. ^_^


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Hey, there’s an update!


The about page now has links. :D Hope you give it a looksee, now you can see more of my works and what kind of strange things I’ve been involved in. Enjoy!



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Updating the page.

Yes, things are updating. Sorry if there’s any blech dead-ends or anything. :(


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Aha, an update!

Greetings to everyone now here because I’ve begun circulating my business cards again!

I’m currently looking for videographer/editor/directing gigs around Portland if anyone needs the work done. I’ve done work on music videos, concert shoots, short films, web series, and some industrial training vids.

If you need a camera guy, editor, or just general assistant to help you get your video project made, I’m always willing to help!


(and yeah, more updates on this site coming soon – busy busy busy with Downcast)

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A New Beginning

In honor of moving forward with a new project, all the old posts have been cleared. There was some stuff that was broken in here, too. Fixed that also.

For those of you joining us due to Hymn of the Downcast, the first thing to say is welcome! Here’s hoping you find what you’re looking for here!

More to come, dudes and dudettes!

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