Hey, a new update! WOO! :) Okay, so here’s the situation: DOWNCAST which is my first feature-length movie, is filming this summer. It’s a 2 hour crime drama with some very powerful emotions, a deep and character-heavy storyline, and some truly kick-ass action scenes! (at least, that’s what we’re shooting for!) Unlike Opportunity, which was a very quick, heavily symbolic piece about fighting against one’s self-destructive side; Downcast is going to be a story full of tragedy, emotion, and broken friendships. It’s a grim tribute to Asian revenge films, the 70s crime cinema generation, and the poetic agony of filmmakers like Takeshi Kitano and Jean-Pierre Melville.

You can check out its website HERE or you can help support the film right now by pledging to it on KICKSTARTER! :D I’m absolutely excited to be working on this film, it’s a passion project that has brought together elements of the last 14 years of my life and culminated in a project that is always changing, ever-expanding, and growing into something truly amazing. I’m happy to be doing this in Portland, as I don’t think anyone else out there’s got something like it in the pipeline.

But to get myself a bit primed I’m putting together a short film called The Ride Home which is a sci-fi thriller about a young man’s journey home taking an unexpected turn. This is based on a short story I wrote for my friend Eleanore’s birthday many years ago. Although the story was set in an indeterminate future city on a subway train, the film version will have a more real-world edge, making it similar to films like “The Warriors“. As the short is intended to be only 5 minutes long, I won’t spoil anymore details. But you can see a little test of how things are coming along in the special effects department below. :D

Thanks again for everyone who’s been supporting me in my work recently. There’s a lot of you out there, not sure if any of you will read this, but you are appreciated and you have my love. Take care, my friends. ^_^


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