Machinima, known as a form of making films in “real time environments” (superlingo for “we made it inside of a videogame”), is a medium for storytelling that I’ve been using for a number of years. It was the first area to get some hands on experience with the process of making a movie – setting up shots, execution, planning scenes, cinematography, and editing/sound. This was the training ground allowing for a great deal of freedom and experimentation.


Here are the projects that took the most time, usually 2 years or more. Often it was a small project that exploded into something much larger, but, the time spent leads to a more refined completed piece.


Dark & Moody’s first film, a Reaction Quake 3 film about revenge, slowmotion, and shell casings. It was a long, arduous process of making it, but a lot was learned and it’s still one of the major accomplishments that I’ve done.

The Final Gunfight

The second film, Quake 3 engine, this time a western made in Western Quake 3. (now called Smokin’ Guns) A simple story, emphasis on action, and some dynamite, molotovs, and a gattling gun combine for a high-octane spaghetti western-flavored concoction.

Thankfully, it’s only a few for the time being. :D

Tests, Experiments, Everything Else

And here be everything else.


Short Assault Movie
A short test made in Counter-Strike: Source to fiddle with the demo smoother. This would go under music videos, except it’s got a more narrative flow to it. Nothing special, just something I felt like doing.


The Situation
Literally the VERY FIRST machinima project that started filming! After Cabin failed in October 2001, this was tossed together. But we only had one filming day, some footage was gathered from it, and this is actually all that remains of the project. There’s been some talk of…remake, however.

Ironically, the title was meant to instill the idea of failure or something going wrong. That’s pretty much what happened when I attempted to use only 2 or 3 people to make a Day of Defeat: Source machinima. The project started as a birthday gift for my friend Gazz, but it never got off the ground. Due to the ever-changing engine and incompatibilities, and furthermore the distaste people have for dod_colmar as a map, the chances of this ever getting done is basically 0. However, a test edit was made.

Office Rescue Part 1
A Counter-Strike Source film inspired by a CS1.5 movie that a friend and myself tried to make. Due to unforseen circumstances, we will be unable to complete this film.

Cabin – Opening Scene Test
Unfortunately, Cabin is one of those projects that continues to elude me and anyone else involved. It was the first project I ever tried to get going on, and then was going to be remade in Half-Life 2. Due to time and lack of resources, it still hasn’t come around. It may get finished someday but we’ll see. All that is left now is this opening scene, which includes very little sound, no music, and much of it is unfinished. It would probably all need to be redone.


Left 4 Dead Test – DEAD AIR
My first working experiment using the Demo Smoother in Left 4 Dead. Hopefully will become a music video.

Left 4 Dead Test – BLOOD HARVEST
The second working experiment of L4D. This one is hopefully going to get revamped a little bit and turned into a proper micro-machinima film. This is also available at

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