The Final Gunfight

TFG Poster During one of the down periods of Vengeance of the Wicked’s production, I jumped from project to project trying to find some solace in something new. Eventually, I started on its second machinima film project. A western made in (then called) Western Quake 3. Another “existential revenge movie” of a sort, with a heavy emphasis on action and visuals, the film was soon titled The Final Gunfight. The production of it went through an up and down period of filming over the course of two years and was released in Spring 2005 after an extensive secondary shooting period. In the process, many new relationships were made and led to an eventual “Video Guy” gig doing videos for the mod itself later in its development. Many good memories were associated with this one, more a project of a bunch of friends getting together to make a cool action flick.

The film is considered a classic amongst the Smokin’ Guns/Western Quake 3 community, and is available on the mod’s website. This version (166mb avi file) requires the DivX codec or VLC Player to run. Due to a mix-up and someone else uploading the file, the version at IS NOT the real film! DO NOT be fooled! Uploads to both and YouTube are pending at some point in the future, possibly with cleaned up picture quality.


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