TFG: The Cast

A mysterious stranger who waltzed into Santa Cruz. No name, but somehow known as a gunfighter. Someone is after him, yet why? The town, now deserted, The Man is going to make short work of every attacker that comes his way. The kind of work that makes any witnesses question whether he is the hunted or the hunter.

An outlaw with an infamous history. Him and his posse come around, there’s going to be a firestorm of bullets and fallen bodies everywhere. He’s after The Man for his own reasons. No one knows if it’s for payback, to finish a job, to collect a bounty, or maybe just because the sick bastard feels like it. While his army of gunmen take the town, The Evil Man himself waits in the cemetery nearby. Waiting for the final showdown.

Gunslingers from all walks of life and most regions of the west. They have come together under the rule of The Evil Man, going where the money or the fun was. Living with little purpose but the next score, the next victim, the next town to destroy. Despite their infamy, they’re rumored to be terrible shots and even worse at running away from lit dynamite.

The last man from Santa Cruz left alive or still in town. An able-bodied man who thought he could save a few lives, now finds himself right in the middle of the crossfire that’s about to take place. A fool who doesn’t know where to go and especially doesn’t know where to stand to avoid getting shot.

Little is known about the mysterious woman who sometimes follows The Evil Man’s posse. Given her proclivity for knives and hacking people’s ears off (an unconfirmed rumor), some suspect she’s in on the gang’s activities. A guardian angel, but for whom would this deadly woman give blessings?

Cast & Crew of TFG

The cast & crew of The Final Gunfight was a much smaller band of people than Vengeance of the Wicked. Part of the reason the movie took so long to complete was simply that finding enough people was difficult and the mod which we were using was slowly losing its community by the time we were starting to really film.

What ended up helping things was the contacts who had been made during VOTW, along with zs|gamemaster who was one of the site managers of Him, along with the new finds of The Glockness Monster, helped the rest of the cast put the film together during its completion run in 2004-2005.



Produced by
Red Neckerson & EvilFutsin

“br_santacruz” by DeadKennedy
“cemeteary” by EvilFutsin & Red Neckerson
(additional pieces by DeadKennedy)

Additional Credit Stills by
Leon Kilean Tervapuro
Martin “Rammy” Ramsauer

Written, Directed, & Edited by
Christopher “EvilFutsin” Jayawardena

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