TFG: The Details

Here you may find some technical & trivial specs for The Final Gunfight. These are somewhat incomplete.


Type: Machinima (in-game)
Western Quake 3 (Quake 3 mod) – later retitled Smokin’ Guns
Image Resolution: 560 x 320
# Of Frames: 40,646
Length: 22 minutes, 34 seconds
DivX 5.2.1 – 882 Bitrate
Framerate: 30.0fps
Video Size: 166,545 KB (162mb) – 132mb Video, 28.8mb Audio
Audio Compression: ADPCM – 22050Hz – Stereo

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere 6.5 + Videomach 6.5 (for TGA-to-AVI conversion)
Mapping Tools: GTKRadiant (versions unknown)
Hours of Raw Footage: 2.2 hours (estimate)


Start Date: April 2003
Completion Date: May 21st, 2005
Shooting Days: Unknown (estimate: ~35)
Total Actors: 9 (possibly one or two I’m missing)
Biggest Day: Unknown (4 Actors, 3 hours filming time)

Most Valuable Actor: Red Neckerson
Most Killed Actor: Bojangles
Most Difficult Shot: Dynamite Toss that kills two of the last bad guys (total time spent – 4 hours, 2-3 days)
Movie Bodycount: 23 kills (1 for mook, 22 for The Man)

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