TFG: The Story

The town of Santa Cruz, a small township in the old west. The place, once bustling with a market, a well-to-do Church, and various small homes, is now quiet. There is but the sound of the wind and the clatter of boots on sand and stone walkways. A fell air has swept in, brought on by the coming of a mysterious stranger and the army of gunmen that follow him in pursuit. Soon, a bloodbath is going to ensue and the town of Santa Cruz will be painted red.

The sounds of loud gunpowder suddenly echo across the town’s buildings. Pistols, rifles, shotguns drawn. The men move in and find themselves confronted by THE MAN. The lone gunman whose reputation of destruction has made him a myth all his own. One by one, his efficient skill with a pair of six-shooters, a lever-action rifle, and a pump-action shotgun is put to the test with every new opponent that comes his way.

Yet, what surprises lay in store for The Man? More than a dozen men aren’t stupid enough to just bring guns. Big guns, perhaps. And something with a little more kick. He’ll have to fight his way through a lot more than sheer bodies if he’s going to make it out of the town alive.

When the dust clears, who will be left standing? Will The Man live up to his mythic legend or will the numbers overwhelm him? And what of the other mysterious stranger, who commands this league of outlaws, who waits patiently inbetween headstones and angel statues?

Inspired by spaghetti westerns, Hong Kong action films, and Japanese anime; The Final Gunfight is a no-B.S. action western, emphasizing the struggle of a gunman outnumbered and surrounded. Made to satisfy the gunplay cravings of any enthusiast of the genre and intended to be unique amongst the Machinima community for its moody style and adrenaline-soaked violence.

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