VOTW: The Cast

The Ex-Con, our

The Ex-Con is known by the name not just because he escaped from prison to kill The Boss, but because of his infamous skill at escaping dangerous situations and different prisons throughout the world. Often taking jobs from nefarious criminal organizations around the globe, his preference is doing heists. They allow him a challenge he can’t get anywhere else. A wrecking ball with a mean streak a mile wide, screwing him over wasn’t exactly the smartest thing The Boss has done. It may end up being one of the last things he does, to boot.

The Boss, our villain

What isn’t known about The Boss is really just his name. Aspects of his personality (penchant for business over personal connections, a “kill them all just to be sure” attitude, and a suspicious overtone to freelance workers), along with his sense of humor and calm demeanor in the face of bad situations, are well known. Using heists to fund his drug trafficking and gun running, The Boss is a destructive plague on wherever he decides to reside. However, that habit of destroying things around him and burning bridges when he feels it necessary may finally come to haunt him.

The Bodyguards, first line of defense

Working for The Boss has its privileges. You get to work outside, your co-workers are often conversational, and you look cool in a suit wearing sunglasses. The catch is, in case anybody decides to go One Man Army on The Boss’ stronghold, you’re probably going to catch a sniper bullet to the head when the first shot is fired. So, okay, maybe being just a standard Bodyguard (called such for reasons they, themselves, don’t seem to know) isn’t such a good idea.

The Elite Guard, the killers without souls.

The cream of the crop. Mercenaries, paid well and trained even better. A great deal of loyalty arises naturally from the close guarding relationship they have to The Boss. Like Samurais of old, they will die gladly for their master. While only three are known to exist, rumors are plentiful there’s more hiding. Even if they are never seen, they’re there. Somewhere. And someday, they may decide to kill you just to get back at you for killing their benefactor and/or their comrades.

The Actual Cast Who Made This Happen

The cast and crew of the film was cobbled together from many different walks of the Reaction Quake 3 community, along with a few outsiders on the sidelines, and people who happened to show up on the servers we were filming on. Even members of the mod team who had made the game chipped in as cannon fodder or “stand there and shoot” guys. When it got to the final legs of the production in 2004, it was down to a small group of people. Everything couldn’t have been done without these awesome folks, so here’s a place for them to be immortalized.



MP*Birdman – Blaze – Fragbait – Gleaker
- Irby – Lognoreng – Over^Kill – Makro -
SpecOpsSpook – Warmachine


Freezer666 – Golgo 13
- Load3r – NoSympathy – Tick -


BIONIC_TUNA – Bojangles – zs|gamemaster
- DarkouZ – Synergize – Neuro – Flow – Maddog – NOFX -
Grizzly – Maz – Zay – StupidChild – Suvve – EdgeCrusher


Original Story by
David Chalk & Christopher Jayawardena

Support & Consulting by
Dr. Nemesis

Assistant Direction by
Spook & David Chalk

“Lighthouse” by God Incarnate
“Prison 76″ by Spook (original map by Sam Thompson)
“Kibuye” by Guy Incognito
“Friction” by Johnny Rocket

Additional Set Design by
StupidChild, EvilFutsin, & Spook

Map Pieces from
Nitrox & Karillion, God Incarnate, Spyder & Gerbil
and the RQ3 Team

Scribbled, Shot, Chopped, & Directed by
Christopher “EvilFutsin” Jayawardena

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