VOTW: The Details

Here are some of the “tech specs” and other trivial details about Vengeance of the Wicked for those who may have any questions and also partially for archival purposes.


Type: Machinima (in-game)
Reaction Quake 3 (Quake 3 mod)
Image Resolution: 320×240 (4:3)
# Of Frames: 49, 579
Length: 27 minutes, 32 seconds
DivX 5.02 – 1443 Bitrate
Framerate: 30.0fps
Video Size: 363,993kb (355mb) – 284mb Video, 69.9mb Audio
Audio Compression: ADPCM – 44100Hz  – Stereo

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere 6.5 + Videomach 6.5 (for TGA-to-AVI conversion)
Mapping Tools: GTKRadiant (versions unknown)
Hours of Raw Footage: 4.3 hours


Start Date: January 2002
Completion Date: August 2004 (roughly)
Shooting Days: Unknown (estimate: ~65)
Total Actors: 33 (estimate)
Biggest Day: Day 2 – 6+ actors, 4+ hours of filming

Most Valuable Actor: DarkouZ
Most Killed Actor: DarkouZ or Bojangles – we’re really not sure which.
Best Director Killer: Bojangles (shot director in face in the middle of a camera setup)
Most Difficult Shot: Sniper Shot in Elite Guard battle (total shooting time 2.5+ hours)
Best Schizophrenic Suicidal Guy: Bionic_Tuna (did all dialogue scenes for The Ex-Con and The Boss, as well as Ex-Con’s pseudo-death in opening scene)
Movie Bodycount: 26

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