VOTW: The Story

(caution, this page contains SPOILERS)

The Futcity Bank - 2000.

January 2000.

A lone bank at night with only a few people working the night shift on security and a couple of bankers with paperwork. All is normal, until a group of robbers show up on the scene. Soon the place is surrounded by police officers and the robbers are forced to make a blitzkrieg exit in a hail of gunfire.

The plan that had been set by THE BOSS has gone awry and is going to hell quickly.

Shootout in the Alleys

Blasting a path with bullets and grenades, the four robbers make their way towards the scheduled rendezvous, where getaway vehicles are waiting for them. The cops finally give up chase after too many losses, the robbers themselves losing one of their own.

The loading bay where it all goes down.

But suddenly, when they reach the loading bay where sanctuary was thought to be, instead was their master, The Boss. And his angry face showed things were not right. The two men in black, members of his ELITE GUARD, added further testament to the fact that now the situation had become truly and completely screwed.

Two clips and one shotgun shell later, the three robbers lay on the ground and The Boss with his Guard walked off into the night.

However. One of the three bodies laying on the concrete still had something.

A whisper of a pulse? No.

Anger. And a sudden thirst for revenge.

The Ex-Con, our

A man with no name, THE EX-CON, has spent the last three years waiting. An opportunity during a prison riot gives him his chance. Now he’s out. He’s armed. And he’s ready to bring The Boss some pain. A wicked man who’s done terrible things, but yet still even he shall have revenge for the wrongs done unto him.

The Final Showdown

Vengeance of the Wicked, a story of action, revenge, and a one man army. Bullets will fly, brass will fall, bodies will lay in bloody heaps, and at the end of it all, only the worst man will be left standing.0

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