As much as I’m a filmmaker (and feel that celluloid is in my blood), it’s also fair to say that in general, I’m a writer. Just that sometimes I use words instead of pictures/sound to bring it to the audience.

Much of my work isn’t all that great, but I’ve begun writing Challenges for myself, almost daily. I’m intending to post these here to share and maybe get some feedback. They’re cranked out in a few hours, often only totaling about 3-4 pages. Each has a theme or genre that I start with, but it’s anything goes from there.

One of my favorite authors is Ray Bradbury, who once said in an essay:
“You must stay drunk on writing so that reality cannot destroy you!”
I don’t drink alcohol due to my religious beliefs… but damn do I want to stay intoxicated by stories and imagination and creativity. So that is the goal.

Join me, won’t you? :)


Love Story
Last Stand

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